The Scrum Addendum
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    Hi there. My name is Kane and this is my blog. I started blogging about Agile software development and Scrum back in 2005 and I've been doing it ever since. I'm a full time trainer and coach helping teams deliver software, and helping companies to improve their development processes and practices. You can find my resume and some endorsements over on my LinkedIn profile.

    In 2008, after many years of working for other people I became an independent. I now write for, my new company.

    One of the highlights is our free email mini-course which we're calling the Scrum Addendum. It elaborates on a number of topics discussed during my two day Scrum course (CSM), and it's receiving very positive reviews. If you'd like to explore the Scrum Addendum in more detail you can find a Table of Contents on the signup page.
The Scrum Addendum

The Scrum Addendum.

I’ve been really quiet on this blog, and I’d like to explain why. For some time now, I’ve been collecting material that’s not specifically discussed as part of my CSM classes. Some of this additional material has been featured on this blog … but not all. I’ve been wondering what to do with this additional … Continue reading


I haven’t posted here for a while, and this post is to partly explain why. I’ve been working quite hard in building my new work site which you can see, here: Apart from containing more information about the work I do, it’s also a blog in it’s own right. Which raises the question, what … Continue reading

The tale of the overflowing tea cup.

This post is for Jenny and Michelle. Jenny because she pointed out that I haven’t written a blog post for a while, and Michelle because I was discussing the topic of this post with her. More specifically, Michelle and I were discussing how, when introducing Scrum, different individuals are often at different points of learning. … Continue reading

My “Why Scrum?” presentation released under Creative Commons

“Why Scrum?” is a webinar that I gave today (Friday, 26 June). This is a difficult topic to talk about because every organization has a different reason for adopting Scrum, and a 45-60 minute webinar doesn’t do it justice. The difficult nature of the talk, and the fact that I’m still tired from traveling up … Continue reading

My PMI presentation, “Introduction to Agile Estimating and Planning” released under Creative Commons.

My latest presentation was to the Queensland Chapter of PMI, and was a gentle introduction to “Agile Estimating and Planning.” I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Queensland Chapter for their warm welcome, and engaging discussions. You can view the presentation here, and you can find the raw materials (Keynote … Continue reading


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