The tale of the overflowing tea cup.

This post is for Jenny and Michelle. Jenny because she pointed out that I haven’t written a blog post for a while, and Michelle because I was discussing the topic of this post with her. More specifically, Michelle and I were discussing how, when introducing Scrum, different individuals are often at different points of learning. … Continue reading

MBA: Mostly bloody awful

I’ve been listening to this absolutely fantastic pull-no-punches podcast from Australian Broadcasting Corp. about management culture, especially MBA management culture. It’s a wide ranging podcast touching on Taylorism, Outsourcing and the current financial crisis. It’s direct, scathing and totally on the money. If I had to recommend just one podcast this year … then this … Continue reading

The top five organizational impacts due to Scrum

Introducting Scrum leads to organization change. The specific details of how an organization changes is different for every organization. There is however a number of changes that most organizations will experience as they migrate to Scrum. These are the top five organizational changes that I’ve seen when implementing Scrum.

The top five ways to survive Scrum

Over the last few years we’ve seen the introduction of Agile software development into the mainstream. In 2006 the Agile Alliance are claimed that Agile frameworks had crossed the chasm. Frameworks such as Scrum have been seized upon by management and they are the ones who are now controlling the introduction of Agility. The reasons … Continue reading

Collaborative decision making and the impact of Scrum

Team self-organization is one of the key principles [1] of Scrum and its introduction to an organization raises a number of interesting questions around decisions and decision making. Specifically, the introduction of Scrum leads to consensus-based decisions by the team. I believe that the consensus model of decision is superior the an authoritarian model and … Continue reading


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