Technical Debt and the Death of Design: Part 1

InfoQ readers: There is an incorrect link on InfoQ. If you’re looking for the Rothman article on addressing technical debt, you can find it here. But since you’re here already, why not stay a while and enjoy the view? This article was written for the ScrumAlliance [3] and featured on the site on 17th July, … Continue reading

Determining project releasing dates

A question that often comes up on Agile projects is; how do I determine when I can release software? For most project teams that are accustom to a defined process (Waterfall, RUP etc) it’s not immediately obvious how transition an Agile project from “Development” to “Production”. I have put quotes around “Development” and “Production” because, … Continue reading

Difficult decisions when you’re between a rock and a hard place

Over the last six months, I have been working with a client that is moving from “RUP” to Scrum. It’s unfair to describe their projects as using RUP because in truth they’re more waterfall than RUP. The project teams used RUP nomenclature and artifacts, but still worked within the waterfall lifecycle. One particular project that … Continue reading

How much does a Story Point cost?

I’ve recently been coaching a team that has taken particularly well to Scrum. After a few iterations the project team quickly settled down into a regular rhythm of producing software. The ScrumMaster (Ken) dutifully recorded the teams Velocity [the number of Story Points completed per iteration], in addition to some financial metrics. This included the … Continue reading

Story Points as Spicy-ness; Using RSP to estimate Story Points

I’ve long struggled with the concept of Story Points and how to effectively communicate this to clients. It’s never been a natural concept for me, and most explanations of Story Points are half baked. Explanations such as “Story Points are relative measure of complexity”; are quickly countered with “What about situations where something is not … Continue reading


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